We work to protect our communities and preserve our resources by public education and assistance through the following programs:


Realtor Information

To help new residents learn about fire safety and how to protect their property, we are working to develop information for Real Estate agents and brokers to share with their clients. Not only will this help buyers, but it will help sellers maximize the value of their property!


Community "Coffee Klatches"

We'll make a presentation to a you and some of your neighbors, sharing ideas that you can put to use around your property to improve your chances in a fire. Then we'll arrange for a convenient visit by a Placer County Chipper crew in a couple of weeks, to handle your piles of cleared brush and prunings, leaving the material chipped and ready to be used as mulch.


Placer County Chipper Program

The Chipper Program is a “curb-side” chipping service supported in part by federal/state grants secured through a partnership of Placer Country Resource Conservation District, Placer County, Placer County Sheriff’s department, Placer County Air Pollution Control District and CAL FIRE. These grants are used to help offset and /or reduce the homeowner’s full cost of utilizing the chipper service. Cost share rates are subject to change based on the availability of grant funding and will be set annually. To schedule chipper service, call 530.889.0111, select option #3 and leave a message.  To contact a Chipper Coordinator, call (916) 600-3061 or email


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